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1. FrozenSoul [ GER / HIGHRATE ] 3.3.0a
A German Privat Server with allot nice users and GameMaster a big community one of the best german privat realms and every day new updates and Fixxes

2. Big Time Mobsters
Enter the Big Time Mobsters World, where you will become a boss of a crime gang. You have the choice to collect money from your casinos, whorehouses, loan sharks and gambling dens. You could also produce drugs, liquor and Counterfeit money.

BALANCE PRIVATE SERVER RUNS WITH HAMACHI FRIENSHIP-RAN Online Server Rates: / 24/7 Uptime/ Guarantee 100% No Lag / Pet System / New Maps /New Costumes / New Armours / New Weapons / Affordable Donation Price /Fair & Balanced Game

4. Eternal Fire
x75 rate server with few bugs. Running almost all the time. Server does not crash at all. Nice GMs. Come play with us! (please do not misunderstand that sentence)

5. ComarniC Arena
Visit us on This server is instant 70 patch 2.4.3 you can take items with badge of justice and we have some custom gears to.Join us

6. World of Insanity
German blizzlike Server, Version 3.3.5, nice Community, Character Transfers, lagfree and stable. TS3 Server, nice tools on the page

7. Projekt-Gurubashi 1.12.2
German WOW-Classic Server 1.12.2 | no Lags | scripted bosses, Instances + Quests | nice Support | Rates Blizzlike

8. World of Destiny - You can Decide
Blizzlike - Custom Playertreff - Custom Pets, for 50 Votes - Custom Weapons - Custom Set's - Nice Staff - Great Community - 24/7 Root - German language -

9. Emperorwow Your Best Choice 4.0.6-5.2.0
Free T10 For Every New Player - Stable and No Crash - No Lag - 3 Years Passion Work to Develop Fun Custom Contents - PVP&PVE - High Stats Gears - Balance Classes - True Deathwing Content - Instant 80 - 25X Rates - Support Cataclysm (4.0.6-5.2.0) MOP

10. IceStorm-WoW
Hello and welcome to our 4.3.0 P-Server We are very glad about seeing you on our homepage and the next time on our server. This isn´t a fake server it´s based on two cores and all clases work up to 98%. So log in, create your character and start playin

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