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1. IceStorm-WoW
Hello and welcome to our 4.3.0 P-Server We are very glad about seeing you on our homepage and the next time on our server. This isn´t a fake server it´s based on two cores and all clases work up to 98%. So log in, create your character and start playin

2. World of Warcraft: Shadows Of the Caribbean. Italian Free Shard: WoTLK.
We are a private server online since more than three years, the staff consists of qualified and mature! We have a dedicated server with Xeon Core i7, 12 GB of RAM and dedicated line of 10 Gb/s. Join now!

3. World Heroes
Servidor Blizzlike (4.0.6a) Rates x3/ Staff Atento las 24h/ Comunidad en constantes Crecimiento/ Raids- Mazmorras funcionales / Campos de Batalla y arenas Funcionales. Habilitada transfiguración de objetos.

4. MFsoft WoW 3.3.5a server
CZ/SK World of Warcraft FREE server running on patch 3.3.5a. We have 100% working IceCrown Citadel, The Ruby Sanctum, Ulduar, all battlegrounds and arenas. Visit us if you want! See you soon! :)

5. Wrath of the Titans - Quality Gaming
4.0.6-4.2.0 Supported• Blizzlike • Goblin and Worgen Working Random Dungeon Finder • Battleground and Arenas Working Battleground Xp • High Population • Stable and Lag Free

6. Shadow Castel
We are an Italian community of World of Warcraft, our shard is based on the official git TrinityCore to 3.3.5a Rate Kill 9x - 12x Quest Rate - Rate 7x Explore

7. Many Suns
Mobile!Seeing the inevitable destruction of the empire your ancestors began the race to construct intergalactic colony ships. Your ship was launched before your home world was destroyed in the maelstrom. It contains all the knowledge for survival and conq

8. Black-Velvet
3.3.5a Wotlk - midrate (5x) | scripted instances incl. Ruby Sanctum, Icecrown Citadel & Gunship | Halls of Reflection, Quel'Dalar, Argent tournament, vehicle-system working | adepted team | Recruit-a-friend system

9. the dark earth server privato tbc ita

MU Titans Server MuOnline 24 hours, Reset Pontuativo with VIP rooms with high xp, start playing! Top Awardees are Rankings, all events running Blood Castle Chaos Castle Devil Square and Castle Seige.

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