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1. Divinities Bane - PvE 3.3.5 - English
Friendly RP-PvE Server. Help us create a great RP private server experence. 5x Rates, No dontion or vote gear. No custom items. Free Heirlooms in starting area. Some custom PvE content and quests.

2. CausticWoW 3.3.5a: A New World Custom Expansion
[A entirely new plot driven story][4 Never Seen Raids][8 New Races, Naga, Vrykul, Tuskarr etc][Entirely New World][Custom Heirloom Starter Sets][Custom Battleground][ALL MoP and Cata bosses, mounts, items][Solo Content + Raid + PvP][Custom Scenarios][Prof

[NO PAY TO WIN] [CHOOSE YOUR PLAYSTYLE: PvP or Blizzlike] [Arena Spectator] [Transmogrification] [Custom City + PvP Areas] [Events + Rewards] [Battleground Rating + Ranks] [LEVEL UP at YOUR DESIRED RATE or BOOST TO 80] [Heirlooms + Starter Gear] [ICC + GU

4. Ohm-War Blizzlike WOTLK
WoTLK with Retail experience and quality * Impressive blizzlike content scripted * x20 rate * The best Pathfinding and LoS - lag free * Running on the strongest core ever built * Heirlooms at starting zones * Quality at its finest

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