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1. DarknessMT2 Server Private
Nume Server: DraknessMT2 Server Private Hamachi Bun Venit La Noi Owner: [OwN]Darkness Status:Online MC / IP: inca nu Rate: 1500* Experienta: 1500% Yang: 1500% Obiecte: 1500% Fierar: 100% HAMACHI:::ID: nu avem inca ORAR: Luni,Miercuri,Vineri 12:0

2. Mega WoW
4.2.0 Cataclysm All-GM Server, All Commands Available and Working. Voting available for voter status permanent saved objects and much more!

3. Status3Gaming
[LEVEL 255 REALM w/High HP|DMG Gear] [Mall | Transmog | Custom Bosses | Friendly Mature staff | Great Community | Ventrilo | Earn Vote Points for Playing]

4. Metin2 Aeon - Ascend to greatness by your own hand!
- Current maximum level: 120 - Highest possible level: 250 - Maximum level of status points: 90 - Server Bonus: Exp 100% / Yang 100% / Drop 100% - Spanish and English client. Just press on the flag. - Professional support online service (you can chat with

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Alle Spiele

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