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1. Netherstorm WoW
Realmlist: set realmlist blizzlike.netherstorm.org | Spielversion 3.3.3a | PvE Server | Community-like | 24h Support | Fair Team | Great Community | No Chartransfers | Mumble |

2. SerbiaWoW
3.3.5a SerbiaWoW Blizz 1x After you register you need to:: set realmlist serbiawow.servegame.com and them download are Launcher or you are not gonna be able to do anything in the server! Enjoy ! Also you should know that not evrything is fully spawned w

3. http://wowbr.zapto.org/
definir realmlist wowbr.zapto.org ..... Versão: 3.3.5 .. Compras Gerou Profissional ! Compras Alliance ( Stormwind ) , Horde Mall ( Orgrimmar ) ! De Todos os Jocks começam com uma temporada de Arena de 7 e Wrathfull Off-set ! Rápido Você PODE O

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