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1. WoW-Horb 255 Funserver
Level 255, Instant 80 Realm, Over 6000K damage, Custom items/DualSpec/Vehicles, Custom Instances/Teleporter, PvP KillStreak/Anti-Cheat system, Malls, Working Battlegrounds/Arenas, Vote\Donor Rewards, Pro staff, Very Stable, JOIN NOW!

2. WoWOptimus High Rates free Private WoW Server WOTLK 3.3.3a
WoW Optimus is a newly created free private server offering free create account game, free online play. Supports all the new updates/patches WOTLK 3.3.3a Bugs are fixed, Great developers team and a friendly community WoW Optimus is a funserver HighRates w

3. WoW Vergulhos Funserver
O antigo WoW Vergulhos tem o maior prazer de anunciar sua abertura novamente, e convidar os antigos players para fazer parte desta família novamente, venha e traga seus amigos, parentes! e venha se divertir!

4. Underworld Private Gaming, WoW Private Servers & Aion
4 Years running, WoW Private Servers and with tons of customs. We have a very balanced system and lots of fun events. Unigue Vote/Donation system, you can vote or donate and get same rewards. Funserver 3.3.3 come in and have fun!

5. Blue Dimension HighRate, Blizzlike & FunServer 3.3.5a
HighRate (PvP) Rates x30 / Blizzlike (PvE) Rates x2 / Fun (PvP) Rates x50 / Happy Weekend, JumpEvent, RoleplayStadt, Char/Gildentransfer, Starterpaket, Viele Events und Einzigartiges, Sehr Laagfrei und 100% Online

6. Moonglade-WoW 3.3.5a Funserver and Blizzlike High-Rates Server

7. Illuminated Wow 4.3.4 Instant 85 Funserver
Come experience Illuminated WoW - Instant 85 - Active Devs - New Community - No Donor Gear - Working Battlegrounds - Working Arenas - 24/7 up-time - Custom daily quests

8. World Of Legends
Which is a Level 255 Funserver. There are many things to do. Player meeting. Level Arena. Nice team. Own scripts.

9. Rebirth WoW Cataclysm 4.0.6 - 4.2.0
Instant 85 - Funserver - Free Tier 11 And Season 9 - Free Gear And Weapons - Custom Malls - Custom Teleporters - Working Classes And Spells - Working Battlegrounds And Arena - Role Play Friendly - No Donation Gear - Friendly Staff And Community - Join Us

10. X-Con Wow 3.3.5a Retail and Funserver
Uptime 24/7•Remade Zones• 2 Realms• All Bgs + Arenas work• Funrealm TeleStone •Retail Based Custom Story• Custom Class Combos• Reforged Race: High Elves• Professionally created Zones• Looking for more staff

Alle Spiele
Alle Spiele

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