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1. IceStorm-WoW
Hello and welcome to our 4.3.0 P-Server We are very glad about seeing you on our homepage and the next time on our server. This isn´t a fake server it´s based on two cores and all clases work up to 98%. So log in, create your character and start playin

2. BloodMoon WoW Szerver
If you desire a quiet company, and gaming users want to play and it is important to think about the matter will come to us to play! For more info on the website!

3. WoW-Frost
A few informations about our realm: Kill experience - x40 Quest experience - x50 Drop(Items) - x20 Drop (Gold) - x40 Crafting (Proffesions) - x25 Gathering (Skill) - x25 Reputation - x25 Honor - x10

Alle Spiele
Alle Spiele

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