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1. FrozenSoul [ GER / HIGHRATE ] 3.3.0a
A German Privat Server with allot nice users and GameMaster a big community one of the best german privat realms and every day new updates and Fixxes

2. Frozen Legends 3.3.5a WOTLK blizzlike
Original Rates on blizzlike Realm - helpful Community/GMs/Admins - 3x EXP for friendreferer - Forumpointshop - Chartransfer - fast Bugfixes - good Support - special Events - more than 4 Years online - over 95% functional Quests - Details in Forum

3. FrozenShore 1x Blizzlike PvP
3.3.5.a Support 1x PvP Blizzlike rates No Lag 99.9% Up-Time Instant Account Creation Vote/Donation Shop (no pay to win to keep the blizzlike experience intact!) We here at FrozenShore will strive to offer a true Blizzlike experience.

4. Frozen Wrath 3.3.5.a
Highrate & Fun! PvP Server|Patch 3.3.5a|Teleport NPCs |24/7 online|VOTESHOP|Active Battlegrounds|Nice Community!| BESTE VERBINDUNG DEUTSCHLANDS!!!!

5. Evolution WoW Gaming
Realm : Frozen x40 3.3.5a , Start with 5k g,Leveling Gear at shattrath, Full scripted Teleporter ,All Rate x40, scripted raids/ dung / BG... Vote / Donate system .. Join us today, your friends are w8ing.

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